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Cinema Tower Condominiums | 21 Widmer Street Toronto

Cinema Tower Condos | If timeless film classics are a true reflection of life, then Cinema Tower represents the epitome of elegant living. A pure expression of luxury and cinematic sensibility in the heart of Canada's biggest metropolis, Cinema Tower is a celebration of downtown vibrancy, a condominium residence with an urban soul. Architecturally, Cinema Tower is a sleek and slender monument to clean lines and mathematical precision. A translucent skin of steel, glass and precast announces its shimmering presence as an iconic tower on Toronto's city skyline. In a neighbourhood graced with artistic landmarks, Cinema Tower is a destination in its own right. 

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Festival Tower Condominiums | 80 John Street Toronto

Festival Tower Condos | On the outside, the building soars from its limestone-clad base into a tower sheathed in clear and sandblasted glass—a symphony of the transparent and the translucent—and crowned by an illuminated glass top that will serve as a welcoming beacon, a lodestar to Festival Tower residents and visitors alike. But it is inside the building where Festival Tower’s “luxurious livability” becomes palpably apparent. And it begins, as it should, in the lobby.

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