Life in the Fast Lane | 10 Homes Near Famous Car Races

Motorsport fans often watch the laps of their favourite race play out over a big screen. But why watch from home when you can pull up at your own team headquarters right next to famous racecourses? Here are 10 homes to make your next pit stop a winner.



February’s famous NASCAR race speeds though Florida’s Atlantic coast, inviting summer boardwalk vibes to mingle with the cheers of the crowd at one of the sport’s most historic tracks.

Whether you’re taking advantage of the spectator-friendly banked design of the Daytona International Speedway or looking for a place to hang out during church break, this Deland estate will do nicely. Park your latest treasure among others in the 3,500-square-foot climate-controlled showroom and hang out in the in-home pub with friends.


If your transportation interests include boating as well as four-wheeled pursuit, explore the open ocean from your own private dock on Spruce Creek. This grand mansion features a generous four-bay garage for your favourite wheels, romantic twin staircases, and a meticulously-landscaped yard.



Big fan of the Loews hairpin or the Portier corner? The Monaco Grand Prix’s barrier-lined circuit is as tight as it is demanding. Get closer to the precision driving demanded of the course’s racers at L’Azur Eden, a beautifully-renovated rooftop two-bedroom with incredible sea views. You’ll be close to the action, the Place des Moulins, casino, and beaches.


Find simple elegance amongst the speed at Le Grande Bretagne, a tasteful one-bedroom apartment that has the quality finishes of a gorgeous hotel suite. The interior is bathed in natural light that travels across the open floor plan and illuminates the airy, high ceilings.

INDY 500


The Indy 500 is known as the “greatest spectacle in racing” for good reason. The track is home to historic crashes, fuel-storage forfeits, and the spot where spectators could count on hearing Tony Hulman’s famous call, “Gentlemen, start your engines.” This stunning 1930’s Sunset Lake estate has stood side by side with the race, getting a fantastic facelift in 1995 with all the modern amenities. European touches, a gourmet kitchen, and three acres with endless recreation options make it a treat near the track.


A more modern home base greets race fans off Fulton Street, where this property’s sleek interior echoes car-design philosophy: everything you need, nothing you don’t. Treat friends to an afternoon in the pool, followed with dinner and cold milk, an Indy tradition.



Looking for something a bit off the beaten track? Take in Rally Finland, the “Grand Prix on Gravel” where blinds and jumps present a constant challenge to Nordic and non-Nordic drivers alike. Rest after a day of driving at this modern villa with its modern ode to Finnish design. The complex includes a seaside sauna, a two-car garage for your favourite wheels, and a wine cellar primed for post-race toasts.


More fine Finnish architecture awaits on the sidelines at Villa Saimaanhelmi. Indulge in a home spa afternoon and Jacuzzi dip before watching the sun set over the lake.



Auto driving can be an endurance sport, and as the world’s oldest active endurance race, 24 Hours of Le Mans confirms it. The demands are high, even for viewers, who will need some respite from the round-the-clock demands of this race.


Find it just minutes away at this stunning Le Mans estate, where old-world architecture and style send you off into a dream of traditional French living. Walk the hectare of parkland and take a dip in the heated pool before retiring. Alternatively, drift further into the countryside at another Loire Valley villa just two hours from Paris. Your own massage room and wine cave grotto are sure to sweep away any lingering track tension.

These stunning race-adjacent homes not only let you frequent your favourite competition, but live life purposefully: in the fast lane.

Courtesy of Sothebys International Realty