Living History | Own a Converted 40-Room Hotel in Jerome, Arizona


Built at the height of copper mining in Arizona by magnate James “Rawhide Jimmy” Douglas in 1919, the former Little Daisy Hotel has been converted into an astounding mansion.


When Lisa Acker and her late husband Walter decided to purchase the property in 1995, it wasn’t much more than a concrete husk of its former glory. As recently reported in Bloomberg, “by the mid-1950s, the mining economy in Jerome collapsed, and the hotel fell into disrepair, along with the rest of the area.”

“They sold all the windows and doors, even the tile roof. Everything was sold for salvage, and people just walked off with whatever they didn’t strip.” – Lisa Acker

Prior to the Acker’s purchase, the property’s ownership passed into the hands of atomic clock developer, William Earl Bell in 1969 as part of a massive deal encompassing adjacent land.


Brought back to life by master craftspeople over nine years, the sprawling home is set on nearly three-and-one-half acres and offers over 12,000 square-feet of temperature-controlled living space, 2,900 square-feet of interior porches, 2,600 sqare-feet of garage/workshop, and 9,000 square-feet of rooftop gardens.


Once comprising 40 rooms during its days as a mining hotel hotspot, the private residence now features every modern amenity, but steeped in old world charm.


Incredible views of the entire Verde Valley, Cleopatra Hill, and Jerome provide the perfect backdrop for an experience of a lifetime at The Little Daisy