Mood Board | Scandinavian Design


Minimalism, functionality, comfort: these are the tenets of Scandinavian design. A trend that continues to grow in popularity, this movement of pared-back warmth and tasteful natural details calls to homeowners the world over, and manages to evoke reserved beauty without becoming stodgy. Whether it’s storage that doubles as décor or rooms that mirror soothing galleries, the best of Nordic design invites your eye to rest and consider.

To bring a dash of Scandinavia to your own home, try any one of these approaches to embracing the less-is-more ethos.

Dial it Back

The simplest and most challenging aspect of the Nordic aesthetic is the tendency towards balance and less. While there is always a place for celebratory maximalism, Scandinavian rooms are those with exactly the right amount of everything. Stow your technology in drawers or behind partitions, organize rogue cables, and present yourself a smooth, uncluttered slate. Lean on whites and grays to unify your walls, and approach each room like Coco Chanel approached jewelry: take one piece off before you leave.

Act Natural

This décor concept is friend to the organic and artfully-worn. Leather chairs, reclaimed wood, and tufted fabrics are some of what gives Scandinavian design its hygge, the feeling of contentment and coziness that comes from the simple things in life. Look to nature for its lines and materials, and bring in wool, stone, wood, and fronded plants to ensure your living spaces are full of life.

Give it Depth

When a room is muted in terms of color or shapes, a lot can be achieved via texture. A feathered paper light fixture, an oversized cable-knit blanket, a dense shag carpet, and artistically-arranged tchotchkes can give your curated rooms additional layers. White on white on white may sound drab; with the right fabrics and fibers layered, it’s the icing on the cake.

Make it Graphic

While simplicity is at its core, that’s not to say Scandinavian design is not without contrasts. Play with strong color and modern typographical elements to lift your room off the page. Boldly-numbered calendars, striking black-and-white floors, and monochromatic art in contrasting frames all have a home here.

As new designers try their hand at traditional forms and tastemakers meld styles in their interior design, Nordic décor continues to evolve. Whether you’re simplifying an existing space or starting from scratch in a new home, you can’t go wrong with a little restraint.