Sotheby's Celebrates 275 Years


Sotheby’s Celebrates 275 Years

I am often asked “Why did you accept the offer to join Sotheby’s International Realty”? Over four years ago and after years of delicate persuasion, I decided it was the right time in my career to take a leap and align myself with a brand that speaks to the elegance and experience of a real estate transaction.

I was recently in the car, en-route to visiting a client who had just closed on their new home. As I rounded the corner onto their street a thought came over me. There are only a few moments in our life that are truly special… Buying a home, whether it is your first or tenth, is one of the moments. I am eternally grateful to be a part of these moments and with a brand like Sotheby’s behind me, I truly believe it adds something incredibly special to these experiences.

Bon anniversaire Sotheby’s

Sincerely Marco Chiappetta - Toronto

This year marks the 275th anniversary of the Sotheby’s Auction house. 2019 also denotes the 70thanniversary of our company. While sharing significant anniversaries is something to celebrate in itself, today we’re blogging about more than that. We’re writing to celebrate the very DNA that our company shares with Sotheby’s, namely, a heritage of innovation and dedication to continuously evolving.

Just as Sotheby’s Auction unites collectors with the works of art they treasure, we unite people with something they too cherish deeply, their home. As Sotheby’s provides exceptional service and expertise in the art world, so too we deliver extraordinary service and expertise in the real estate world.


Sotheby’s has remained dominant for 275 years by exemplifying a heritage of innovation. As a company we too follow the philosophy that in order to maintain our position as the pre-eminent brokerage firm we must consistently add to our value proposition. Evidence of our ‘lead-the-pack’ mentality is seen in our partnership with industry leaders to bring our customers the best in class modern technology, integrative platforms such as Adwerx and Spacio, and the recognition of our website as the best in the nation by REAL Trends.

Finally, today, we’re celebrating the strongest match in DNA between us and Sotheby’s, a combination that has made 275 and 70 possible – our client relationships, the foundation of our business. We have decades of experience in what matters most in selling real estate—building strong relationships with buyers and sellers and delivering them the highest level of service. This, in tandem with our innovative spirit, is what makes Sotheby’s and us the leaders that we are, in a position to ambitiously evolve.