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Creating Miami Style - Anywhere

Creating Miami Style - Anywhere | Miami interiors have a look and feel that you just know when you see. The aesthetic takes its cue from the climate and from nature. A pale palette with sleek flooring and finishes tempers the tropical weather, while touches of ocean, sand, and sky—reflected in hues of pastel peach, seafoam blue, and beige—bring the outside in.

Clients come because they crave the water and the warmth, says Jacqueline Gonzalez Touzet, principal of Touzet Studio, an interior design and architecture firm in Miami. “Because our senses are stimulated constantly, it’s key that interiors are a bit calm and serene.”

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6 Exclusive Tasting Menus Around the Globe

6 Exclusive Tasting Menus Around the Globe | Stimulate your palate with a foamy amuse-bouche. Finish your multi-course meal with a silky chocolate dessert. Often presenting delicacies like foie gras, sweetbreads, and Wagyu, tastings allow gifted chefs to show off their cooking chops.What gourmet dreams are made of, the tasting menus at the following restaurants might not be on your radar—but should be.

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Toronto's Safest Neighbourhoods

Toronto's Safest Neighbourhoods | Frequently called one of the world’s most livable cities, Toronto ranks high on lists of the most desirable cities for many reasons. Not only is it one of the most walkable cities in Canada, it’s also one of the safest, despite having a population of 2.7 million people (with 5.9 million residing in the Greater Toronto Area, or GTA). If you’re looking for a new neighbourhood to discover, for a visit or for a forever home, your personal safety and the safety of your loved ones is a high priority. These areas have been ranked as some of the most secure neighbourhoods in Toronto, making them a great place to start looking when deciding where to reside.

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Handsome Girls

Sisters Chloé and Parris Gordon have been, to put it bluntly, crushing it since their debut collection launched at Toronto Fashion Week back in 2011 — their first show after graduating from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

Local boutiques were swift to pick up pieces from the collection. Realizing their school project was getting serious, the Gordon sisters renamed the brand in 2013 — from Chloé Comme Parris to Beaufille — and set about cultivating a signature look that blends hard elements (think structured neoprene and gloss-coated wools) with soft (shirred Victorian collars, ultra-wide flares).

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RM Sotheby's | The Aston Martin that Broke 300 KPH

While many are most familiar with the Aston Martin through it’s long and exciting relationship with Ian Fleming’s fictional MI6 agent, James Bond, it is of note that the prestigious car has a storied heritage in the racing world. RM Sotheby’s presents a piece of that history.

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5 Places to Visit That Will Delight Your Senses | Lesser-Known Vacation Spots Span Five Continents

This looks to be the year for immersive travel. Or so says Eric Grayson, founder and CEO of Discover 7 Travel, a luxury-travel concierge service.

“People want to do more than go to Paris and stay at the Ritz,” he says. “Instead, individuals are looking for travel that touches more of their senses.”

Read on for five experiential travel spots worth journeying to this year.

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The Enduring Allure of Europe's Villas

Western Europe is a brilliant kaleidoscope of intertwining yet distinct cultures, all imbued in history, culture, gastronomy, art, and architecture – always a pleasure to visit, even more satisfying to call home. Imagine waking up in Capri to the sound of crashing Mediterranean waves or taking in the incredible Catalonian designs of Gaudí over lunch, or poring over paintings by Vermeer and Rembrandt in Holland. With spectacular settings and contemporary designs that seamlessly integrate a touch of antiquity, there is a vibrant, timeless allure to European villas.

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Innovation Built In: Homes with Contemporary Storage Solutions

Clutter is far from conducive to calm, luxurious living. Instead, strike harmony with the proverbial “place for everything and everything in its place.” Storage has suffered a bad reputation in the past—plastic bins, haphazard shelves, and crowded wardrobes do little to inspire the sophisticated homeowner. Fortunately, modern design lends itself well to thinking outside the box. These six homes offer well-curated and practical solutions to any storage woe.

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Life in the Fast Lane | 10 Homes Near Famous Car Races

On the eve of the Monaco Grand Prix… We bring you “Life in the Fast Lane” | Motorsport fans often watch the laps of their favourite race play out over a big screen. But why watch from home when you can pull up at your own team headquarters right next to famous racecourses? Here are 10 homes to make your next pit stop a winner.

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When is it Time to Buy Your First Property?

For First-Time Home Buyers! | We tend to track forward momentum in life by a few key milestones—first job, first car, first home—but in reality, there are no one-size-fits all markers of success. Existence can be far more exciting when we opt to follow our own timelines. That said, purchasing real estate, whether for you, your family, or as an additional source of income, can be a point of pride and something to celebrate. If you’re keen, you may be deliberating over one specific question: when is the right time to buy your first property? Here are a few indicators that you’re ready to take the leap.

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What the Next Generation of Luxury Real Estate Buyers Want in a Home

Until now, luxury real estate buyers have found inspiration in properties with a sense of grandeur. Whether via a stately brownstone in a major city, a quiet retreat in cottage country, or a tropical paradise somewhere abroad, they’ve opted for spaciousness, for homes that mirror their success.

While equally invested in purchasing an uplifting pied-a-terre, the next generation of luxury real estate buyers are redefining the priorities of home ownership. 

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Re-Imagine Your Sleep! 5 Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Where you open your eyes in the morning can set the mood for your whole day. Do you wake refreshed in a bedroom oasis, or stressed and harried in the middle of a half-finished project? By selecting a master bedroom design with the perfect blend of light, textures, and tones, you can set yourself up for a fruitful day ahead. If you’re considering a renovation, take inspiration from these five trending master bedroom design ideas.

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Toronto & Montreal's Most Prolific Food Legacies

The state of the restaurant scene has never been more exciting in Canada than it is right now. There are currently 98,000-plus restaurants across the country offering an incredible range of global flavours — an especially impressive number when you consider how notoriously tough it is to run a successful restaurant. In such a competitive business, it takes more than just great food to thrive. The best chef-owners share their hard-earned knowledge — learned through navigating the ups and downs of owning a restaurant — by nurturing young talent and setting the next round of chefs free to spread their gastronomic love.

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The Top Hotel Residences for a Chic Lifestyle

In 1954, Ernest Hemingway took up residence in Venice’s famed Gritti Palace, the hotel where, several years earlier, he had written parts of his novel Across the River and into the Trees. This time, Hemingway was recovering from a plane crash that occurred while he was on safari in Africa. According to legend, the writer’s convalescence involved copious champagne and indoor baseball, played with a tightly rolled woollen sock in his much-coveted corner suite. When a window was smashed in the room, Gritti Palace management gave Hemingway a 10-percent discount on his bill, on the basis that no one had ever before played baseball in the 300-year-old hotel.

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Can the Stress Test Impact your Decision to Purchase an Investment Property?

Are you considering purchasing an investment property? The right piece of real estate is a great way to grow your financial portfolio while also potentially earning rental income. However, the recent introduction of a mandatory stress test to the mortgage qualification process means that certain buyers may need to reconsider their options.

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4 Energy Efficient Upgrades that Impact your Home's Value

hen it comes to eco-friendly living, tomorrow’s world is already here. A wealth of effortless choices await when looking to revamp and modernize a home into a sustainable, conscious enclave. Why sacrifice style when it comes to sustainability? Here are 4 energy efficient upgrades to invest in your home’s worth and propel it to the top of the market’s must-see listings.

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Transform Your Space: Curating Art for Your Home

Your home serves as the outward expression of your inner-self, something of a vessel for your spirit. To capture that essence, clear structure, a thoughtful palette, and ambient lighting hold key roles; but it’s what you display in this space that makes it unique. Curating art for this blank slate is what makes a home uniquely yours.

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