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What's New in Art, Architecture, and Design

What’s new in Art, Architecture, and Design | Beautiful, bold, and beneficial are the catchwords this season in the worlds of art, architecture, and design. We’re decorating our bodies, building healthy environments, and brightening our rooms with rainbows of color. Here’s what’s happening.

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Splendor in the Grass

Splendor in the Grass | Beautiful gardens are a border-blurring tapestry of strategic design, strong silhouettes, and thoughtful palettes. They elevate the architecture of a home as much as they enhance the lifestyle of its residents. Professional landscaping services in the U.S. alone is a multibillion-dollar industry. From backyards to balconies, and from classic gardens to modern vertical ones, these spaces allow homeowners to outwardly personalize their surroundings.

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Ferragamo's Tuscany

Ferragamo’s Tuscany | When Tuscany comes to mind, we might imagine Chianti’s lush, rippling fields, Florence’s abundance of Italian Renaissance art, and perhaps even the 2003 romance-drama Under the Tuscan Sun. But this region in central Italy, beloved for its quaint villages, rugged coastline, and world-class wines, signifies much more to Salvatore Ferragamo, grandson of the eponymous fashion-house legend and CEO of Il Borro Toscana, an alluring estate in the Tuscan countryside

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6 Modern Oases in Goa, India

With bohemian flair, an exuberant nightlife, and a fascinating blend of Portuguese and Indian influence, India’s resplendent resort state of Goa has long served as a popular vacation destination amongst travelers in the know. These days, rustic yoga retreats are as commonplace as five-star hotels, and the call of the coast is transforming an ever-growing list of former tourists into expats seeking to cultivate a lifestyle of wellness and relaxation. With ample expanses of golden sandy beaches, the smallest state in the subcontinent offers no shortage of captivating coastal homes.

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Miami Condo Owner Installs $1.5M Pigani Race Car as a Room Divider

The V12-powered Italian thoroughbred certainly makes for a unique interior accent piece.

What’s the one thing more opulent than tearing around town in your $1.5 million, 750-horsepower Italian race car? Mounting the fire-breathing beast sideways as a room divider in your luxury residence. This is exactly what the owner of a rare Pagani Zonda R supercar—reportedly one of just 15 manufactured—did inside their $8 million oceanfront Miami condo.

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Tropical Oasis in Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia

As the ancient iron gates majestically sweep open leading to the Botanica Whitsundays grounds, be prepared to fall in love. This majestic home was designed in the spirit of innovation. fusing classical and new age elements. The property presents an unparalleled combination: a glamorous private residence in the sub-tropics and an award-winning wedding and event venue.

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RM Sotheby's | The Aston Martin that Broke 300 KPH

While many are most familiar with the Aston Martin through it’s long and exciting relationship with Ian Fleming’s fictional MI6 agent, James Bond, it is of note that the prestigious car has a storied heritage in the racing world. RM Sotheby’s presents a piece of that history.

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5 Places to Visit That Will Delight Your Senses | Lesser-Known Vacation Spots Span Five Continents

This looks to be the year for immersive travel. Or so says Eric Grayson, founder and CEO of Discover 7 Travel, a luxury-travel concierge service.

“People want to do more than go to Paris and stay at the Ritz,” he says. “Instead, individuals are looking for travel that touches more of their senses.”

Read on for five experiential travel spots worth journeying to this year.

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