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High Fashion Meets Hospitality

Bulgari recently opened a state-of-theart Shanghai hotel, a new addition in its stable of seven properties that have helped expand the high-end jewelry company’s footprint. But Bulgari isn’t the only luxury brand getting into the hospitality business. Baccarat, Armani, and Versace all have hotels with their names on them. And prepare yourself to see more: Bulgari reportedly has plans for another 15 additions—with future outposts in Moscow, Tokyo, and Paris—joining a list of locations that includes Dubai, Bali, and London in addition to the original Milan hotel.

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Louix Lous at The St. Regis Toronto

LOUIX LOUIS | Soaring high amongst the skyscrapers of downtown Toronto, LOUIX LOUIS grand bar and restaurant is located on the hotel's 31st floor. A mystical and alluring place to enjoy forgotten classics and rediscover the lost charm of conversation.

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Alexandra Champalimaud's Luxurious Hotel Designs

For Alexandra Champalimaud, a hotel is far more than just a place for travellers to rest their heads. To this designer, who has spent the last three decades creating some of the most luxurious hotel interiors in the world, these spaces are reflections of the history, culture and art that surround them as much as the people who inhabit them. Yes, a hotel’s primary purpose is to provide food, lodging and comfort for weary travellers, but they have an altogether grander purpose in this designer’s mind — to provide a sense of place.

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