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Brutalism Evolves

Brutalism Evolves | Stark and unadorned, Brutalist architecture is a touchstone of postmodernism. And although the style has detractors, it’s getting a lot of attention from modern audiences.

Social-media apps like Instagram have united Brutalism fans, and accounts posting photos of landmarks in the style have tens of thousands of followers. Books on the subject abound as well, from the exhaustive Atlas of Brutalist Architecture, which made The New York Times list of best art books in 2018, to art historian Chris van Uffelen’s Massive, Expressive, Sculptural: Brutalism Now and Then.

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Museums, Acquisitions and Artists of Color, Why Now is the Time for Change

New research finds that African-American artists are still underrepresented in US museums. Charlotte Burns and artnet News’ Julia Halperin dig into the data.

As a child growing up in Alabama in the 1950s and 1960s, Jack Whitten was not permitted inside his segregated local museum in Birmingham. Last year the late artist was the subject of a major exhibition at the Met Breuer in New York. Its title, aptly, was Odyssey: Jack Whitten Sculpture 1963–2017.

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Photographer David Drebin Defines "Home"

Photographer and multidisciplinary artist David Drebin on the transitory nature of home. When we speak on the phone, David Drebin is at home, sort of. It is early July and the New York–based photographer and multidisciplinary artist is spending the summer in Toronto, where he was born and raised. But, he stresses, he is not here for R&R, taking it easy or chilling. “I don’t really relax and unwind, or take a break, because I love what I do,” he says. He’s working on post-production in Canada. Then he hits the road again.

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The Collector’s Edition | Caring for Your Private Art Collection

Filling your home with art is both a way of expressing yourself and curating the mood and atmosphere of your space. Think of your home as your own gallery, a blank slate with endless possibilities to surround yourself with artwork that inspires. Perhaps you consider your art collection in a methodical way, procuring only a few pieces to fill white walls in need of a focal point; or maybe you’re an art lover, eager to diversify your collection with oil paintings and sculptures alike. No matter your goals or methods, collecting and displaying art in your home is a personal endeavor, but there are a few things to keep in mind once you have an established collection.

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Art Installations in Private Homes

The power of a sculpture on the viewer is markedly different than that of wall art. While paintings, photographs and tapestries tell a story or, in the case of non-representational art, which conveys a mood, three-dimensional works are often seen as having special attributes that elicit, arguably, more powerful responses.

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Latest In Art, Architecture and Design

To understand the latest trends in art, architecture, and design, you have to go back to the time when objects were handcrafted, bricks were hand-molded and every element in the house was a work of art. Rediscovered and burnished by a new generation, these old ideals are setting a new style.

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Sotheby’s Miami | The Third (RED) Auction

Two of the world’s art and architecture stars, Theaster Gates and Sir David Adjaye, have collaborated with musician and activist, Bono, to CURATE THE THIRD (RED) AUCTION to support the fight against AIDS. Centered on the theme of light and the color red, the collection of contemporary art and design will be exhibited and auctioned during Art Basel in Miami Beach and Design Miami.

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How to Create the Perfect Modern Bedroom

Harmony and order are the hallmarks of a truly peaceful bedroom. Whether you enjoy sipping your coffee in bed or relaxing with a book at the end of the day, your bedroom is the perfect place to slow down and sink in. If you prefer the clean lines and smooth surfaces of modern homes, look no further than these five tips for turning your existing bedroom into an oasis of calm.

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Artistry In An Oasis

International art fairs, world-class museums and a thriving vibrant design district — Marrakech has evolved into a global arts mecca.

Meryanne Loum-Martin is greeting her guests, here at her candlelit compound at La Palmeraie in Marrakech. Among those in attendance are His Excellency Dwight L. Bush Sr., the U.S. ambassador to Morocco under President Barack Obama, and Bozoma “Boz” A. Saint John, Uber’s chief brand officer. Loum- Martin ushers them into her vast lush gardens, designed by her ethnobotanist husband, Gary Martin. On the agenda — free-flowing cocktails (no wine, hard liquor only), a sit-down dinner for 180 and a fabulous Congolese band. Welcome to the arts scene in Marrakesh.

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Toasting Art with Wine

With its cool-climate viticulture, British Columbia’s Okanagan region is a wine-producing Eden. The long, sun-filled summer days, tempered by cool, crisp nights, yield wines with a natural acidity and a unique flavour profile. Many first-time visitors to the vineyards of Liquidity, in Okanagan Falls, come with a purpose — swirl, sniff and sip, perhaps a fruity viognier, a savoury pinot noir or maybe a peachy chardonnay. That is, until they arrive at the estate.

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How to Decorate a Room with a View

Sweeping views are impressive, but rooms with abundant windows can present design challenges. Will that dramatic chandelier obscure a sight line to the mountains? You love all of that natural light, but what about the glare it creates on your flat-screen TV? Success lies in choosing well-proportioned furniture and paying close attention to the intended use of a space. 

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