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High-Tech Happy Hour

There’s more to a quality home wet bar than an extensive liquor collection. Having on hand the right sleek, smart-looking gadgets to dispense and mix your drinks, and keep them ice cold, will make entertaining guests even easier. These devices will have you and your guests drinking in high style.

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Amazon Invests in Prefab Startup Focused on Smart Home Tech

Amazon has made its first foray in prefab construction, investing in a company known for sustainable construction and smart home technology.

Today’s announcement of Amazon’s investment in Plant Prefab, a startup based in Rialto, California, comes on the heels of the company’s announcement of a new line of Alexa-enabled smart home devices, suggesting a potential new avenue of smart home development, experimentation, and expansion.

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4 Eco-Conscious Spring Home Trends

With fresh rains heralding the arrival of spring, renewed greenery and blooming trees remind us that our planet is filled with things worth protecting. 

Eco-conscious trends in home design and construction highlight how we can tread lightly on the planet and blend in seamlessly with elegant, low impact homes. From rainwater recovery to green roofs, here are some of this spring's top eco solutions. 

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