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Mexico City For Art Lovers

Mexico City has long been a center for the arts, but it has recently grown into a global destination for culture. For the past decade, the city’s contemporary art scene has rivaled the rigorous programming and sophistication of European and North American destinations, says Anna Di Stasi, director of Sotheby’s Latin American art department.

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A Sunday in Miami and The Beaches

Sundays are sacred. Whether you spend the day exploring local art and architecture, browsing market stops, or indulging in culinary delights, there’s no denying the seventh and final day of the week is reserved for discovery as a ritual. This Sunday, we explore the best of Miami. 

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Puerto Escondido - Mexico's New Cultural Hot Spot

Flying over the southern Pacific coast of Mexico, travellers get a bird’s-eye preview of the topographical contrasts awaiting them at their final destination. A magnificent panorama of rugged mountains dotted with farms and villages gives way to pristine beaches and the jewel-toned waters of the aptly named Emerald Coast.

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Hinterland: 5 Properties Near Remote Lakes

With over 117 million lakes across the globe, lakeside living is much more than Adirondack chairs and sunsets. Water is in and of itself life giving, so it’s no wonder civilizations have been drawn to it for centuries. From jetting out across its surface to standing in awe of its natural beauty, however you define a water-filled day, these unique properties on remote lakes are ready to host your next adventure.

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City Confidential | 6 Must-Visit spots for Eating & Drinking in Hong Kong

Until recently, Hong Kong equated formality with status and sophistication. In recent years, however, the city’s drinking and dining scene has flourished, led by innovative establishments that have regional authenticity and a sense of cultural identity at their core.

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5 Places to Visit That Will Delight Your Senses | Lesser-Known Vacation Spots Span Five Continents

This looks to be the year for immersive travel. Or so says Eric Grayson, founder and CEO of Discover 7 Travel, a luxury-travel concierge service.

“People want to do more than go to Paris and stay at the Ritz,” he says. “Instead, individuals are looking for travel that touches more of their senses.”

Read on for five experiential travel spots worth journeying to this year.

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