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Heritage Hotels

Heritage Hotels | Jet-setters in search of memorable accommodations are wise to seek out a lovingly restored heritage hotel that combines modern luxuries and fine service with a historic atmosphere. Some heritage hotels operate as independent properties, while others are backed by global hotel brands. Here’s a look at some of the most notable ones around.

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Live Global | Winter 2018

The Marco Chiappetta Group at Sotheby’s International Realty Canada continues to represent the most extraordinary homes in Canada, and our network represents some of the most significant homes and clientele in the world. Over the next week, we will once again be featuring properties from our Sotheby’s International Realty network to showcase our global offering.

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Digital Detox | 4 Healing Holiday Destinations

The average employee receives 121 emails per day—just shy of 32,000 per year. It’s no wonder this staggering number has leading psychologists urging us to put away our phones. But as nice as a digital detox sounds in theory, it isn’t always the easiest to execute. Cue the wellness retreat: healing destinations designed to help the mind and body escape the stressors of everyday life. With different centers specializing in everything from ancient ayurvedic medicine to cutting-edge relaxation technologies—often in a stunning natural environment—a digital detox suddenly becomes not just enjoyable, but a deeply gratifying experience. Below, four destinations that make the case for putting down the phone.

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5 Places to Visit That Will Delight Your Senses | Lesser-Known Vacation Spots Span Five Continents

This looks to be the year for immersive travel. Or so says Eric Grayson, founder and CEO of Discover 7 Travel, a luxury-travel concierge service.

“People want to do more than go to Paris and stay at the Ritz,” he says. “Instead, individuals are looking for travel that touches more of their senses.”

Read on for five experiential travel spots worth journeying to this year.

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