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A Taste of What's Coming for New Restaurants Worldwide

From a modern Thai restaurant in Hong Kong to a New York favorite with a new home in Los Angeles, here are some of the fall's most-anticipated openings around the world.

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Open House: A Floating Loft in Amsterdam

For land-scarce metropoli like New York, architectural innovations tend to scale vertically: without a place to spread outwards, development takes to the skies. Meanwhile, in Amsterdam, innovation can be found at sea. A district of water homes located on a string of artificial islands adjacent to the city’s historic canals feels distinctly Dutch: dubbed the WaterWonen project (translates literally to living in water), modern houseboats are moored at a harbor conceived by Danish architecture firm Monteflore (responsible for designing one of the city’s most luxurious hotels). The independently-sailing vessels include homes—like this spacious steel converted cargo ship—that invite guests to come down out of the clouds and enjoy the delights of open water.

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Hinterland: 5 Properties Near Remote Lakes

With over 117 million lakes across the globe, lakeside living is much more than Adirondack chairs and sunsets. Water is in and of itself life giving, so it’s no wonder civilizations have been drawn to it for centuries. From jetting out across its surface to standing in awe of its natural beauty, however you define a water-filled day, these unique properties on remote lakes are ready to host your next adventure.

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Living the High Life

Opting for vertical living has long involved tradeoffs: services versus square footage, turnkey versus autonomy, convenience versus community. But with highly equipped, low-density condominium towers, buyers no longer have to compromise: Distinctive architecture, oversize residences and ultra-luxe services are turning high-rise structures into high-networth communities, with amenities fostering social interaction and a sense of place among affluent neighbours.

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How to Start an Art Collection: Advice from Philanthropist Joseph Segal

Vancouver’s Joseph Segal is a self-made billionaire, thanks to the various business ventures that he invested in — from selling fish from his bicycle to property development through his company, Kingswood Capital Corporation. But when it comes to one of his greatest passions — collecting art, Segal values the help he’s had along the way.

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The Best of Island Living

Turquoise waters, breezy sea air, sun soaked beaches and lush greenery are part and parcel for the idyllic island jaunt, but there are tropical escapes, and then there are tropical escapes.

Once you decide to own a slice of paradise, the details of island living become that much more nuanced. It becomes about sun and shade cycles, open-air living, a welcome dose of privacy, and views whenever possible. Warm wood adds a beach-hut feel, sweeping white walls offset pops of topical color, and washed stones evoke nearby shorelines. Couple those trappings of good taste with resort-like amenities and you may never leave the island.

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