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Tips for Selling Your Home from Our Agents Across Canada

When it comes to selling that all-important investment, your home, there are many factors to consider. In addition to freshening up the paint — a must before you list — here’s what savvy real-estate brokers across Canada recommend.

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Toronto Home Prices Climb In October as Condos, Semi-Detached Houses Edge Higher

Toronto’s housing market showed more signs of stability in October as prices for condos and semi-detached homes jumped even as unit sales were little changed. The average selling price rose 1 per cent last month from September to a seasonally adjusted $810,881 (US$619,419), the first gain in three months. The benchmark price, which adjusts for the types of houses sold, rose 2.6 per cent from the same month last year.

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5 Reasons Why The Toronto Housing Market Won't Crash

While it's easy to think that a few slow weeks are a sign of something larger, a more thorough analysis reveals that the Toronto market is still very strong. There have been many news articles about the slowdown of the Toronto housing market, and many industry prognosticators are predicting a crash. While it's easy to think that a few slow weeks are a sign of something larger, a more thorough analysis reveals that the Toronto market is still very strong. This is more likely just a temporary pause, and here are five reasons why prices and activity in the housing market will soon bounce back and continue to climb.

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Toronto Housing Market Grows 'Tighter' As Sales, Prices Rebound

Fewer homes for sale and growing demand means upward pressure on prices, once again. The Toronto Real Estate Board says the housing market is becoming "tighter" as the number of new listings across the Greater Toronto Area dropped in September, while home sale prices climbed compared with a year ago.

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From Art Deco to Contemporary: 8 Popular Home Styles Explained

When it comes to home design, inspiration can be found in any era. Whether contemporary or colonial, Tudor or Victorian, the tastes of the past have a way of influencing the present. Reviewing architectural conventions can be a great way to curate your preferences when it comes to selecting your next home. Below, eight popular home styles explained.

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3D Printing and Augmented Reality | A New Path to Home Ownership

Thanks to modern advancements in augmented reality and 3D printing, redesigning a space or building a new home has never been more futuristic. We are living in an era of unprecedented innovation, where homes can be assembled from scratch in just under 24 hours, and living spaces designed from a few taps on a smartphone. More than just passing trends, these technological leaps represent a disruption of the home and design industry. Here, we examine two of the most promising advancements in home construction and retail, and why they’re catching the world’s attention.

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Mood Boards | Trending Bedroom Colors

When it comes to refreshing bedrooms this fall, the latest hues for walls and décor are sunny, moody, and saturated. Pantone’s Color of the Year—Ultra Violet—has been influencing bedroom tones from plummy purple to aubergine, while marigold yellow is bringing whimsy and cheer to even the most traditional of spaces.

Take your cues from these three mood boards when starting down the path of your next bedroom overhaul, and let the trending colors of fall 2018 infuse your home.

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Home Prices Rise Against Tighter Supply in August

August appears to have cemented the Toronto region’s real estate recovery, with average resale home prices up 4.7 per cent year over year to $765,270, including single-family homes and highrise apartments. That is about $34,000 higher than the average a year ago.

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Plans For the City’s First Vertical Forest Take Root

Toronto architect Brian Brisbin wanted to look behind the curtain on one of the world’s buzziest buildings, Milan’s Bosco Verticale, two towers that are widely acknowledged as the world’s first vertical forest — green buildings designed specifically to counteract the smog and heat of a city.

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Intel, Microsoft announce plans to expand in Toronto's white-hot tech sector

Toronto’s tech ecosystem is receiving endorsements from two of the world’s largest technology companies, with both Intel Corp. and Microsoft Corp. unveiling plans to expand in the city.

Chip-maker Intel is getting back into making dedicated graphics processing units (GPUs) for the first time in two decades, and on Wednesday the company will announce that the key engineering and design work for the project will happen in Toronto.

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Central Condos: 5 Properties in the Heart of the City

Which do you prefer, privacy or intimacy? The quiet stillness of an open-air balcony with views, or the rush of the city streets? Proximity to the very best dining, shopping, and culture a city has to offer, or plenty of space? With Canada’s top luxury condos, you don’t have to choose. Suspended above the hustle and bustle of the everyday, these five stunning homes offer a respite from—and access to—every convenience of urban living.

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Home Staging: 5 Expert Tips for Every Room in the Home

Over the years, home staging has graduated from necessary afterthought to elevated art form. Investing the effort to redesign and rearrange rooms in your home can reduce the amount of time a property is on the market. While the fundamentals of home staging are widely known and practiced—cleaning, decluttering, and making repairs, for instance—experts in the luxury real estate market employ a number of tricks that go beyond the basics. In order to conduct a stellar home staging, take into consideration these five expert tips for making your home the most attractive on the market.

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The Most Expensive Cities in Canada to Buy a House

Every day, all kinds of different properties are bought and sold in cities across Canada, from humble homes to mighty mansions. Although prices vary wildly, the average price in each area gives us a sense of where to find Canada’s most expensive real estate. Here’s a look at the Canadian cities where homes cost the most.

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Vienna Snatches Melbourne's Crown as World's Most Liveable City

Vienna has ended Melbourne’s seven-year reign as the world’s most liveable city, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

The Austrian capital scored a near perfect score of 99.1 out of 100 in the index, whose criteria include stability, healthcare and the environment. Cities in Australia and Canada took six of the top 10 spots, with the U.S. again missing out.

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Market Update | July 2018 Numbers

“Home sales result in substantial spin-off benefits to the economy, so the positive results over the last two months are encouraging. However, no one will argue that housing supply remains an issue. The new provincial government and candidates for the upcoming municipal elections need to concentrate on policies focused on enhancing the supply of housing and reducing the upfront tax burden represented by land transfer taxes, province-wide and additionally in the City of Toronto,”

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Toronto's Highest Values Neighbourhoods

Toronto has garnered quite the reputation among residents and visitors alike—and for good reason. Its landscape is comprised of a vibrant art sphere, burgeoning craft brewery scene, international film stage, and sought-after historical neighbourhoods. The most revered of these carry with them a few marked characteristics: innovative architecture, abundant amenities, and exceptional overall livability.

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Market Watch | June 2018

 Toronto Real Estate Board President Garry Bhaura, in his first market release as TREB President, is pleased to announce some positive signs with respect to the housing market.

Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 8,082 home sales through TREB's MLS® System in June 2018 – up 2.4 per cent compared to the low June 2017 result. After preliminary seasonal adjustment, sales were also up 17.6 per cent on a monthly basis between May 2018 and June 2018, continuing the trend of somewhat volatile month-over-month changes over the past year as
home buyers reacted to various policy changes impacting the market.

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