Window Display | How to Maximize Natural Light in Your Home!

Natural light benefits us in ways we might not even consider. Not only is a home with good natural light perceived as more warm and inviting than a darker dwelling, but it’s also better for our physical and mental health. And more natural light means less artificial lighting, so you can reduce your energy bills by up to 33%. Here are four ways to maximize natural light in your home.

Design for the Exposure

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If you’re building a new home or looking to purchase one with great natural light, look for one where the rooms used most often during the day have southern exposure. For most people, that’s the kitchen and family rooms. If your property has sufficient privacy, floor-to-ceiling windows offer spectacular natural lighting opportunities.

Use Effective Window and Door Treatments

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The right window treatments maximize the light available in each room, regardless of directional exposure. Light-coloured and light-weight draperies or curtains absorb less natural light than dark or heavy fabrics. Don’t forget the doors: exterior and interior doors with glass panels bring more light into your home.

If feasible, consider replacing smaller windows in rooms with natural light exposure with larger ones. Even the best window treatment can’t make up for a limited amount of light entering the house.

Make Use of Mirrors

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Mirrors can enhance natural light in a sunny room and make a dark room appear less dim. In a dark area, large mirrors that face each other produce more light with their reflections. Convex mirrors are especially useful for creating the illusion of light and space.

But mirrors aren’t the only decorative objects that reflect light. Polished or metallic light fixtures, appliances and objets d’art can all make a room look brighter, too.

Pick the Right Colour Scheme

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When choosing a colour scheme, look to the light. As the sun changes during the day, it affects the colour of a room. White or neutral walls maximize light in a room, but you may not want to live in a completely neutral colour zone.

For rooms with a northern exposure, a bold colour might look better than a light shade. A room facing east gets strong morning light, so complement it with yellows or reds. The opposite holds true for west-facing rooms, as morning light is weak but evening light is soft and warm. Cream or green are good choices to make the most of light in these rooms.

When choosing colours, examine swatches in the rooms you plan to use them for at varying times during the day. A hue you love in the store might not fit as well in your home setting.

By designing effectively and combining the right window treatments, colours, and decorative objects, you can maximize the natural light in your home. Your home will look beautiful—and you’ll feel better, too.

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