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Life’s Been Good | The Eagles’ Joe Walsh Lists His Home in Beverly Hills

Life’s Been Good | The Eagles’ Joe Walsh Lists His Home in Beverly Hills | Whether it’s his timeless work with the Eagles, the James Gang, or on his own, Joe Walsh’s Hall of Fame contributions to rock and roll are without a doubt, some of the most memorable. Today’s special edition of our weekly video feature showcases Walsh’s contemporary home in Beverly Hills, California.

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The Home of Hollywood Visionary Harry Warner

The Home of Hollywood Visionary Harry Warner | The Golden Age of Hollywood is immortalized in the collective imagination as an era of iconic elegance, celebrity, and style. Originating the 1910s and enjoying a heyday in the 1930s and 1940s, this era of movie magic introduced the world to classic films and timeless idols; and Harry Warner, the studio magnate who co-founded Warner Bros. in 1923, was a force majeure who helped make it possible. His Beverly Hills home is a powerful memento of the Golden Age’s cultural legacy—far greater than any individual movie or piece of memorabilia. Warner was the prime mover of Hollywood’s movers and shakers, and this was his domain.

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5 Interior Design Trends to Bring Home from Luxury Hotels

5 Interior Design Trends to Bring Home from Luxury Hotels | With design-forward hotels popping up on every corner of the globe, it can sometimes be hard to choose where to land—and even harder to leave at the end of your stay. Resorts are prioritizing not only a sense of relaxation, but are also balancing authenticity and a sense of communion with the environment. It’s not enough to offer basic amenities anymore; seasoned travelers are looking for spaces with a story to tell. From unique architectural builds to environmentally-conscious practices to sleek and smart interiors, luxury hotels have become destinations unto themselves.

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Artisanal Modern

Artisanal Modern | Crafted from a single piece of steel rod, this sinuously shaped lounger designed by Canadian Roan Barrion and welded by metalworker Matt Jonker is made-to-order in Manitoba. Available in two metal finishes (black or white powder coat, satin brass plate) and several fabric options. Series Z Lounge Chair, from US$3,100, and stool, from US$1,250.

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Charging the Future

Charging the Future | To car aficionados, Michael Mauer is more prolific than any architect. Millions of examples of his work are on display all over the world. You might even be lucky enough to have one in your garage. His hobby of drawing cars in his youth eventually led Mauer to do it professionally in 1986 — and for some major international automakers.

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Brutalism Evolves

Brutalism Evolves | Stark and unadorned, Brutalist architecture is a touchstone of postmodernism. And although the style has detractors, it’s getting a lot of attention from modern audiences.

Social-media apps like Instagram have united Brutalism fans, and accounts posting photos of landmarks in the style have tens of thousands of followers. Books on the subject abound as well, from the exhaustive Atlas of Brutalist Architecture, which made The New York Times list of best art books in 2018, to art historian Chris van Uffelen’s Massive, Expressive, Sculptural: Brutalism Now and Then.

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Reality Checks

Reality Checks | In every major market across the country the prime communities share similar attributes — easy access to downtown, proximity to green space and prestigious schools. With so many of these factors tied to geography and static city planning, the best areas can appear set in stone. Luckily, new construction projects and the ever-changing real estate market means that there is hope for buyers to get into the neighbourhood of their choice in these Canadian cities.

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Wall Power

Wall Power | If your world appears a lot more colourful of late, thank the muralists. Over the past several years, murals have emerged as an attention-getting art form with a lot of cachet, taking over entire walls inside and out at galleries, restaurants, hotels and public spaces across the country. What’s even better is that it’s a genre where female artists are leading the charge — a visual manifestation of the current cultural zeitgeist.

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Splendor in the Grass

Splendor in the Grass | Beautiful gardens are a border-blurring tapestry of strategic design, strong silhouettes, and thoughtful palettes. They elevate the architecture of a home as much as they enhance the lifestyle of its residents. Professional landscaping services in the U.S. alone is a multibillion-dollar industry. From backyards to balconies, and from classic gardens to modern vertical ones, these spaces allow homeowners to outwardly personalize their surroundings.

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Ferragamo's Tuscany

Ferragamo’s Tuscany | When Tuscany comes to mind, we might imagine Chianti’s lush, rippling fields, Florence’s abundance of Italian Renaissance art, and perhaps even the 2003 romance-drama Under the Tuscan Sun. But this region in central Italy, beloved for its quaint villages, rugged coastline, and world-class wines, signifies much more to Salvatore Ferragamo, grandson of the eponymous fashion-house legend and CEO of Il Borro Toscana, an alluring estate in the Tuscan countryside

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Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty | Ornamental grasses, lavender and echinacea sway with the breeze in the weathered-steel planter box fronting the work studio of landscape designer Joel Loblaw. The rusted metal’s warm orange, the earthy browns of fading perennials, errant red and gold fallen leaves — the planter is in sync with the season and it looks perfect, perfectly natural.

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Truly Eppich

Truly Eppich | mong jaw-dropping properties, every so often, one defies categorization as a residential home, making the leap to “landmark” instead. Case in point: Eppich House II. With its dazzling expanse of glass walls and revolutionary cascading steel-beam frame, this architectural wonder appears like a mirage high up on a West Vancouver hillside, nestled between mountain and sea, yet invisible from the road. Water elements add to its mystical quality — a shimmering koi pond, fed by a redirected creek, and an infinity-edge poolthat blends into the landscape.

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Creating Miami Style - Anywhere

Creating Miami Style - Anywhere | Miami interiors have a look and feel that you just know when you see. The aesthetic takes its cue from the climate and from nature. A pale palette with sleek flooring and finishes tempers the tropical weather, while touches of ocean, sand, and sky—reflected in hues of pastel peach, seafoam blue, and beige—bring the outside in.

Clients come because they crave the water and the warmth, says Jacqueline Gonzalez Touzet, principal of Touzet Studio, an interior design and architecture firm in Miami. “Because our senses are stimulated constantly, it’s key that interiors are a bit calm and serene.”

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Sotheby's Celebrates 275 Years

Sotheby’s Celebrates 275 Years | This year marks the 275th anniversary of the Sotheby’s Auction house. 2019 also denotes the 70thanniversary of our company. While sharing significant anniversaries is something to celebrate in itself, today we’re blogging about more than that. We’re writing to celebrate the very DNA that our company shares with Sotheby’s, namely, a heritage of innovation and dedication to continuously evolving.

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Paint it Black

Paint it Black | Shading your walls in black may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re considering paint colors. But black has a daring all its own that can bring character and chicness to your space.

“The result is both unexpected and incredibly sophisticated,” says Andrea Magno, a Benjamin Moore color and design expert.

“Black has an interesting effect on the walls of a room because the corners and shadows are obscured more than if a midtone or pastel color is used,” Magno says. “This can be used as a visual trick to give the space a less-defined appearance and can make a room feel a bit more expansive.”

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What's New in Art, Architecture, and Design

What’s New in Art, Architecture, and Design | Whether we’re talking trends in art, architecture, or design, it’s all about seeing the beauty of traditional materials used in new ways. It’s looking at ordinary objects in a different light. It’s rethinking the purpose of conventional spaces. But most of all, it’s about being open to possibilities.

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Designed To Inspire: Philippe Starck's Island Home

Designed to Inspire: Philippe Starck’s Island Home | In the midst of a juniper orchard, a rustic, waterfront property perched on top of a cliff on the Cap de Barbaria—only 60 miles from Africa’s Barbary Coast—is where designer Philippe Starck works and plays a few months out of the year.

The French icon, known for creating avant-garde interiors, furniture, and household items, designed the six-bedroom, six-bathroom villa in Formentera, Spain, in the mid-1990s. Starck has since used the home as an escape, but it’s now listed by Ibiza Sotheby’s International Realty for 7.9 million euros (US$9 million).

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Decorating Like A Parisian

Decorating Like a Parisian | There’s a certain chicness about a Parisian home that’s so effortless, even the most haphazardly strewn items seem decidedly curated. It’s that je ne sais quoi that comes second nature to the French.

Designing a quintessentially French space is about elegance, a sense of the spectacular, and creating a warm and cozy atmosphere, says Paris-based interior and furniture designer Aline Hazarian, who works with clients who are leaders in international business and finance, and who is known for her striking and sophisticated interiors.

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