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6 Simple Ways to Add Glamour to Your Bathroom Design

6 Simple Ways to Add Glamour to Your Bathroom Design | Whether a spacious ensuite or a curated powder room, the bathroom is a space replete with design possibilities. A place for reflection and rejuvenation, the bathroom deserves to be thought of as the retreat it is. Implementing savvy design choices in your bathroom can transform your morning routine, turning the space into a point of inspiration and leaving you refreshed for the day.

Ensure your bathroom keeps pace with the rest of your design-forward home via strategic updates, taking cues from these of-the-moment trends.

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Return of Rye

Return Of Rye | Rye is a spirit with lots of history. The peppery drink was a favorite of the forefathers of the U.S., including President George Washington, and was a staple right up until Prohibition.

But rye distillers never recovered from that 13-year dry spell, and until recently, the spirit was all but extinct. Now, with bespoke bars and craft cocktails making everything old new again, it is having a more-than-triumphant return to the top shelf.

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Truly Eppich

Truly Eppich | mong jaw-dropping properties, every so often, one defies categorization as a residential home, making the leap to “landmark” instead. Case in point: Eppich House II. With its dazzling expanse of glass walls and revolutionary cascading steel-beam frame, this architectural wonder appears like a mirage high up on a West Vancouver hillside, nestled between mountain and sea, yet invisible from the road. Water elements add to its mystical quality — a shimmering koi pond, fed by a redirected creek, and an infinity-edge poolthat blends into the landscape.

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The New Private Clubs

The New Private Clubs | Private social clubs, traditional bastions of upper-class decorum, are reinventing themselves as democratic gathering spots for a diverse, younger generation of members.

The old clubs are easing membership rules, dress codes, and even fees, while new clubs like the one being planned by David Beckham and Guy Ritchie in West London’s Notting Hill are catering to the chic sneakers-and-cellphone crowd.

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Everyone's Talking About... Christian Dior

“So many people reference Dior. He’s one of those people in fashion: everybody knows who he is, everybody knows the silhouette he created,” says Oriole Cullen, the curator of Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams, a major new exhibition at London’s V&A museum devoted to the influential French fashion designer and the powerhouse he left behind. The retrospective is the biggest Dior show ever staged in the UK, and one of a string of exhibitions around the world that reveal Dior’s extraordinary popularity right now.

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How to Introduce AR into the Buying and Selling Experience

Have you ever heard a buyer complain about the wall color in your listing or wonder if the living room could accommodate their furniture? How many times have you had a listing that desperately needed staging, but lacked the time or budget to get the job done?

It would be fantastic if every buyer had the vision to overlook a property’s shortcomings, and every listing agent could physically stage each home in their catalogue. But where this combination is unlikely, tools like augmented reality (AR) and 3D virtual tours can help navigate challenges and clear the way for sales.

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Museums, Acquisitions and Artists of Color, Why Now is the Time for Change

New research finds that African-American artists are still underrepresented in US museums. Charlotte Burns and artnet News’ Julia Halperin dig into the data.

As a child growing up in Alabama in the 1950s and 1960s, Jack Whitten was not permitted inside his segregated local museum in Birmingham. Last year the late artist was the subject of a major exhibition at the Met Breuer in New York. Its title, aptly, was Odyssey: Jack Whitten Sculpture 1963–2017.

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Photographer David Drebin Defines "Home"

Photographer and multidisciplinary artist David Drebin on the transitory nature of home. When we speak on the phone, David Drebin is at home, sort of. It is early July and the New York–based photographer and multidisciplinary artist is spending the summer in Toronto, where he was born and raised. But, he stresses, he is not here for R&R, taking it easy or chilling. “I don’t really relax and unwind, or take a break, because I love what I do,” he says. He’s working on post-production in Canada. Then he hits the road again.

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Mexico City For Art Lovers

Mexico City has long been a center for the arts, but it has recently grown into a global destination for culture. For the past decade, the city’s contemporary art scene has rivaled the rigorous programming and sophistication of European and North American destinations, says Anna Di Stasi, director of Sotheby’s Latin American art department.

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The Collector’s Edition | Caring for Your Private Art Collection

Filling your home with art is both a way of expressing yourself and curating the mood and atmosphere of your space. Think of your home as your own gallery, a blank slate with endless possibilities to surround yourself with artwork that inspires. Perhaps you consider your art collection in a methodical way, procuring only a few pieces to fill white walls in need of a focal point; or maybe you’re an art lover, eager to diversify your collection with oil paintings and sculptures alike. No matter your goals or methods, collecting and displaying art in your home is a personal endeavor, but there are a few things to keep in mind once you have an established collection.

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Chef Jason Bangerter & Langdon Hall's Culinary Collaboration

It happens every time I wind my way up the magical driveway to Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa, in Cambridge, Ontario. I experience equal parts excitement and relief. Or a physical reaction that is the opposite of an adrenaline rush. That, and the anticipation I’m about to enjoy a food experience that rivals those I’ve had in gastro-centres in Paris, London, Rome, Burgundy and San Sebastián.

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Mood Board | Scandinavian Design

Minimalism, functionality, comfort: these are the tenets of Scandinavian design. A trend that continues to grow in popularity, this movement of pared-back warmth and tasteful natural details calls to homeowners the world over, and manages to evoke reserved beauty without becoming stodgy. Whether it’s storage that doubles as décor or rooms that mirror soothing galleries, the best of Nordic design invites your eye to rest and consider.

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A Sunday in Miami and The Beaches

Sundays are sacred. Whether you spend the day exploring local art and architecture, browsing market stops, or indulging in culinary delights, there’s no denying the seventh and final day of the week is reserved for discovery as a ritual. This Sunday, we explore the best of Miami. 

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Discover New Eco-Luxury Experiences in Belize

Traveling is about more than finding relaxation and getting away from it all—it’s also about connecting with a new place and striking a balance between adventure and serenity. With the advent of eco-luxury travel, which prioritizes environmental sustainability while maintaining a standard of high-quality experiences, there’s never been a better time to engage with the world’s history and culture. Belize has become a top spot for eco-conscious travel, in large part due to the country’s efforts to protect the Caribbean coastline
and the Belize Barrier Reef.

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A Taste of What's Coming for New Restaurants Worldwide

From a modern Thai restaurant in Hong Kong to a New York favorite with a new home in Los Angeles, here are some of the fall's most-anticipated openings around the world.

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Digital Detox | 4 Healing Holiday Destinations

The average employee receives 121 emails per day—just shy of 32,000 per year. It’s no wonder this staggering number has leading psychologists urging us to put away our phones. But as nice as a digital detox sounds in theory, it isn’t always the easiest to execute. Cue the wellness retreat: healing destinations designed to help the mind and body escape the stressors of everyday life. With different centers specializing in everything from ancient ayurvedic medicine to cutting-edge relaxation technologies—often in a stunning natural environment—a digital detox suddenly becomes not just enjoyable, but a deeply gratifying experience. Below, four destinations that make the case for putting down the phone.

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2019 Pantone Color of the Year | Living Coral

Pantone®, the global authority on all things color, has named a new Color of the Year for 2019: PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral. On the surface, its lively effervescence evokes both lighthearted playfulness and bold self-expression. But it’s worth diving a little deeper to really appreciate this rich, thought-provoking shade.

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Naomi Campbell, Bill Gates, and Larry Gagosian Converge to Supercharge Sotheby’s $10.5 Million (RED) Charity Sale in Miami

It has been five years since the last Sotheby’s “(RED)” auction, the initiative founded by musician and activist Bono and artist Damien Hirst to raise money for the fight against AIDS. Judging from last night’s star-studded event at the Moore Building in Miami’s Design District, there was plenty of pent-up demand for another charity sale, albeit a high profile one with with plenty of glitz, perfectly timed to coincide with the height of Miami Art Week madness.

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Holiday Spirits | What All Impeccable Hosts Have in Common

With the holidays just around the corner, the winter season welcomes a wide array of dinners, parties, and events. Whether starting a new tradition or continuing one long established, it’s likely you’ll be opening your home to friends and family at this time of year. And with careful planning and thoughtful styling, yours will be a party to remember.

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